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Ousted employee wins over $140K for wrongful termination claim

There are many reasons why an employer may want to separate a worker from the company. If the reasoning to do so does not adhere to California state and federal employment laws, the affected individual may file a wrongful termination claim. This is what a former athletic director believed happened to him, and he is finally receiving justice after filing a lawsuit.

The plaintiff worked for a university in another state and had nine months left on his contract at the time of his termination in 2012. Prior to his firing, he had been on leave for almost four months because he had issues with the former executive vice president. He was presented with a letter from the vice president that included 10 allegations, and the plaintiff was found guilty on four of the charges. After that determination, the plaintiff was fired by the university president.

There were apparently some odd circumstances surrounding the plaintiff's final pay check. The plaintiff alleges his check was deposited into the joint account that he held with his wife, but the university later reversed the deposit. Even though the money was eventually returned, the incident had occurred during Christmas, which caused a hardship for his family.

A judge awarded the plaintiff over $140,000 for his wrongful termination claim. This sum includes money that covers that nine months he had left on his contract, plus interest, and two months' salary to compensate for the final pay check problems. California workers who believe that they were fired unjustly can turn to the judicial system for assistance. Successfully navigated cases may result in the claimants being awarded lost income, as well as the possibility of being reinstated into their former positions, when appropriate.

Source:, "Former ASU AD awarded $140,000 in lawsuit", Josh Moon, May 18, 2015

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