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June 2015 Archives

Bob Evans assistant managers claim they were denied overtime pay

Many families enjoy going to Bob Evans to enjoy a meal and have a nice time. Behind the scenes, the assistant managers are claiming that the experience is not quite as pleasant. Customers in California and across the country may be upset to hear that the company is allegedly not paying its employees in accordance with the law. The affected workers in turn have filed a lawsuit against the restaurant to reclaim the overtime pay they believe they are owed.

Employee rights of mine worker were allegedly violated

When California employees see some form of wrongdoing in the workplace, they may be scared to speak up and tell someone. This may be because they are afraid of losing their job. Nevertheless, there are certain laws and regulations that are in place to hold employers accountable when they violate employee rights. 

Walmart could face paying out $100M in unpaid wages to truckers

People who drive trucks for a living often work long hours and spend a considerable amount of time away from their homes. In return for these long hours, the truck drivers expect that they will be properly compensated for the hours that they are on the road, as well as for the other duties that they are required to perform. A group of truck drivers for Walmart alleges that the company violated the California minimum wage law when they failed to give them adequate wages for all of the time that they spent working.

California Paid Sick Leave

All California employees will become eligible to receive up to three paid sick days a year starting July 1, 2015. Employers were never previously required to offer paid sick leave. This new law applies to employers of all sizes. Employees who work in California for thirty or more days within a year from the start of their employment will accrue paid sick leave at a rate of no less than one hour for every thirty hours worked. Exempt employees with a normal forty hour work week will be credited with forty hours worked per week for the purpose of accruing paid sick leave. Accrued paid sick leave can be used starting on the ninetieth day of employment.

Temp worker wins nearly $140k for her sexual harassment lawsuit

No one enjoys being rejected, but if someone declines an invitation for a date or rejects any type of social pressure, that answer should be respected and the persistence stopped. This situation is especially true in the workplace. Employees in California and elsewhere who can't take no for an answer or don't control the things that they say may be accused of sexual harassment.

Tyler Perry Studios accused of sexual harassment by former worker

Many people believe that working for the stars would be a dream job. In reality, that may not be the case at all, and employees in California and across the country could be facing hidden pressures that normally are not revealed to the public. A former employee of Tyler Perry Studios alleges that he was the victim of sexual harassment both physically and verbally.