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Firings lead to workplace discrimination claims against Walmart

Many California residents may enjoy their jobs. Though others may be less than enthusiastic about their places of employment, they may still value their positions as a means to provide for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, some individuals could potentially have those jobs taken from them unjustly due to workplace discrimination.

It was recently reported that six individuals in another state have filed claims against Walmart. Reports indicated that these workers were fired from their positions under false reasons. The terminations came about for various alleged reasons with attendance violations and falsifying documents specifically noted in the report. The workers believe that they were truly fired due to their age and/or race.

Reports went on to state that younger workers and Caucasian workers were not disciplined in the same manner as older workers or workers of other races. They also believe that information was often ignored or changed in order to make the firings seem necessary. As a result, the former employees are seeking damages relating to lost wages, emotional distress and other negative impacts on their lives. Additionally, the individuals want to be rehired. 

Situations of workplace discrimination may be difficult to believe, but they unfortunately take place too often. As with this situation, California residents who believe that they may have been fired or otherwise negatively treated in the workplace due to their age, race or other distinguishing characteristics may want to consider legal options. Filing claims against employers may help individuals seek compensation for damages that may have resulted from such discrimination.

Source:, "Half-dozen minority Wal-Mart workers allege discriminatory employment practices", Carol Ostrow, July 6, 2015

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