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Employment Disputes Archives

California office of Zillow sued for age discrimination

A Zillow employee recently filed a lawsuit against the company for age discrimination at its Irvine office. This lawsuit is one of four that have been brought against the company for employment practices exhibited at this particular office.

New Executive Order seeks to ban contracts from violators

A new executive order signed by President Barack Obama may have a significant impact on federal contractors in California and other locations throughout the United States. The order will require contractors to disclose violations of labor laws when they submit bids for federal contracts.

Actions at diva's death scene lead to California retaliation case

Every profession requires adherence to established guidelines to ensure that a job is done properly. True professionals expect nothing less from themselves and those with whom they work. If an employee sees a co-worker grossly violate an established procedure, it's his or her duty to report the incident to a superior. All workers should feel confident that they will be supported if they have to report an in-house malfeasance.

Proposed California bill looking to address caregiver rights

San Diego residents who provide care for family members can find themselves in conflict with employers who balk at giving employees needed time off. The Family Medical Leave Act is a federally enforced law protecting workers from discrimination based on their status as caregivers. Understanding workplace laws regarding the allowance of time off for care giving is essential for both employers and employees.