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Sexual Harassment Archives

Sexual Harassment and a hostile work environment

An employee may find him or herself dreading going to work each day because he or she is being subjected to harassing or abusive treatment in the workplace. It could be sexual harassment or some other abusive treatment. The harassment or abuse could be coming from a supervisor, a co-worker, a customer or even an outside contractor. The employee has heard the term "hostile work environment" and believes that he or she is the victim of a hostile work environment.  Is the employee entitled to compensation for the hardship and distress that the hostile work environment is causing?

How some employers mishandle sexual harassment complaints

When an employee in California first complains about sexual harassment, his or her employer has an opportunity to resolve the situation so that it does not result in a lawsuit. However, many employers mishandle sexual harassment complaints and end up making the situation worse for their employees and for themselves. Before an act of sexual harassment takes place, employers also make mistakes by failing to set up sound policies for addressing these types of serious complaints.

Victims of workplace sexual harassment have options

Sexual harassment in the workplace can take many forms, such as obscene jokes or comments, or other inappropriate behavior that makes a California worker, whether male or female, feel uncomfortable. Employees who experience this behavior may not know what to do when it happens to them.

Starbucks facing sexual harassment lawsuit

A California Starbucks location is the focus of a recently filed sexual harassment and wrongful termination civil lawsuit. According to the 23-year-old female plaintiff, she initially enjoyed working at the company's Chula Vista location and things went well until a new manager was hired.

Man files sexual harassment suit in California

A man who worked for AutoZone in its Chula Vista store in 2010 is suing his former employer for sexual harassment. The man claims that his male supervisor slapped him on the buttocks and would not stop after he told the supervisor that the touching made him feel uncomfortable. The complaint says that he worked at the store for a few months and that the harassment started soon after he was hired.

American Apparel workers protected by ban aimed at managers

California employees at American Apparel may have additional protection from unsolicited attention by managers. Shortly after firing its chief executive and founder, the company filed an intent with the Securities and Exchange Commission to overhaul its code of ethics. Its updated policies were soon disclosed containing language clearly curtailing personal relationships initiated by supervisors with subordinates and curbing sexual harassment.

Legal protections from sexual harassment

Sexual harassment can take many forms in the workplace. One type, which is commonly referred to as quid pro quo harassment, occurs when a person is offered more favorable employment benefits, such as a promotion and increased pay, in return for sexual favors. However, a work environment where suggestive actions, such as sexual gesturing, leering and unwelcome commentary, is commonplace and permitted is considered hostile under California law. Other behaviors, such as unlawful conduct, such as unwanted touching, repeated uninvited social invitations and impeding a person's free movement, may be considered sexual harassment as well. Sexual harassment in the workplace can also occur when the harasser and the person being harassed are of the same gender.

Former campaign worker claims he was sexually harassed

In early October, a former campaign worker for California congressional candidate Carl DeMaio began speaking publicly about what he claims was sexual harassment. Although the 28-year-old man's attorney says that he has not yet decided whether or not to file a civil lawsuit against DeMaio, he was willing to share his story with CNN.

Employees California county Over sexual harassment

Two San Joaquin County employees have filed a lawsuit against the county, claiming a colleague was allowed to repeatedly sexually harass them while supervisors did nothing. The suit also alleges the employees were retaliated against when they complained of the harassment.

Interns granted the same rights as employees in California

A bill to protect unpaid interns from sexual harassment was signed by Governor Jerry Brown on Sept. 9. The bill expands upon Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and makes California the third state in the nation to provide this type of protection. Inspiration for the bill came after a ruling by a New York court in 2013 which held that unpaid interns were not protected under Title VII because they are not employees.