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Sexual Harassment and a hostile work environment

An employee may find him or herself dreading going to work each day because he or she is being subjected to harassing or abusive treatment in the workplace. It could be sexual harassment or some other abusive treatment. The harassment or abuse could be coming from a supervisor, a co-worker, a customer or even an outside contractor. The employee has heard the term "hostile work environment" and believes that he or she is the victim of a hostile work environment.  Is the employee entitled to compensation for the hardship and distress that the hostile work environment is causing?

Bullying in the Workforce

In California, a proposed law aims to stop harassment and bullying behaviors in the workplace. It seeks to prevent managers from berating their subordinates and creating hostile work environments. Unlike other legislation that protects certain subsections of the population, such as minorities and women, this legislation aims to provide a greater level of protection to all employees.

Employee rights in California

California employment law ensures that all employees are given minimum protections regarding pay and breaks. These employee rights are important for workers to understand so that employers cannot treat them unfairly without consequence. However, the things employees are used to receiving may not be required under the law, such as vacation time. Also, some things, like overtime, are not given to every employee.

Examining the rights an employee has under a tribal government

California employees may be interested in an article discussing the differences that working for an Indian tribe brings from an employment law perspective. While the tribal governments are exempt from some statutes, others still apply to protect tribal employees.

McDonald's employees allege wage theft in San Diego protest

Working in the fast food industry can be very demanding. Fast food employees must perform their duties in a quick and friendly manner. They are hard workers just like any other workers in California. Most importantly from a legal perspective, fast food workers are employees.

California employee files wrongful termination lawsuit

An employee in California has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against his employer, Oracle Corp, for violating federal and California labor laws. The lawsuit alleges that the employee was fired due to his national origin. It also alleges that the company retaliated against the employee for standing up for another employee's rights. 

California bill aims to protect unpaid interns from harassment

Right now, unpaid interns in California are not legally protected from workplace discrimination and harassment. This is because unpaid interns are non-employees so these protections do not apply to these employees.