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Posts tagged "wrongful termination"

Starbucks facing sexual harassment lawsuit

A California Starbucks location is the focus of a recently filed sexual harassment and wrongful termination civil lawsuit. According to the 23-year-old female plaintiff, she initially enjoyed working at the company's Chula Vista location and things went well until a new manager was hired.

Former campaign worker claims he was sexually harassed

In early October, a former campaign worker for California congressional candidate Carl DeMaio began speaking publicly about what he claims was sexual harassment. Although the 28-year-old man's attorney says that he has not yet decided whether or not to file a civil lawsuit against DeMaio, he was willing to share his story with CNN.

Improved protections for workers who are pregnant

Women in California may have concerns about how pregnancies will affect their careers. Relevant policies, last updated in 1982, have received a new update by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The latest changes are designed to clarify that it is illegal to harass or discriminate against an employee for pregnancy-related issues. This type of harassment is classified as sex discrimination.

Workplace discrimination bill stalls in congress

Members of California's LGBT community may have been following with interest the progress of a bill now in the hands of the U.S. Congress. This bill aims to address the fact that presently no federal law exists offering protections from workplace discrimination specifically for LGBT individuals.