Workplace Discrimination And Sexual Harassment Attorney In San Diego

Sexual harassment and discrimination are against the law, yet they continue to happen in the workplace. I have been helping clients resolve discrimination and sexual harassment claims for many years. It should not happen, but it does. If it happens to you, I am prepared to skillfully, tenaciously and knowledgeably represent your rights while simultaneously keeping you updated and being responsive to your needs and questions.

There Is No Place For Workplace Discrimination Or Harassment

The Fair Employment and Housing Act defines sexual harassment as harassment based on pregnancy, childbirth, sex, gender or related medical conditions. In California, sexual harassment can include:

  • Offering work benefits in exchange for sex
  • Making unwanted sexual advances (employee harassment)
  • Leering, sexual gestures and other visual harassment
  • Revealing derogatory comments or jokes
  • Making physical conduct including touching or blocking movement

Workplace discrimination includes:

  • Refusing to hire or promote a person because of the employee’s sex, gender, pregnancysexual orientation, race, country of origin, religion, age or disability
  • Firing, denying training, denying the opportunity for advancement or otherwise treating an employee unequally because of the employee’s sex, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, race, country of origin, religion, age or disability
  • Refusing to reasonably accommodate an employee’s religion or disability
  • Harassing an employee for any of these reasons

Caring For Your Legal Needs And Your Well-Being

Sexual harassment and other discrimination are intimidating and can have disastrous effects on a career as well as on a person’s emotional well-being. As an attorney who truly cares about his clients, I take all the consequences of the employment discrimination behavior into account as I move forward with a case.

In order to amount to harassment, the conduct usually has to occur repeatedly over time — not just in a few isolated occurrences. What may seem to be minor conduct can over time amount to a hostile work environment, if done repeatedly.

Discrimination And Harassment Are Not Allowed Here

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