San Diego Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Your employer does not have complete freedom to fire you. You cannot be fired for an illegal reason, such as your sex, race or health condition. You have rights even if your employment is at will. The Law Office of Frank S. Clowney III, based in San Diego, has represented clients in wrongful termination cases since 1990. I understand that your employer must have broken the law in order for you to have a legally sound discrimination case.

It is illegal to fire an employee for reporting another employee’s or the employer’s illegal conduct. Reporting the illegal activity of a co-worker or employer is called whistleblowing. If you have been fired for talking with another employee about your salary, the California Labor Code says this is also wrongful termination. There are many other illegal grounds for termination.

I Will Work To Uncover The Facts

I work with clients who have been fired for an unknown or vague reason to find out whether they were wrongfully terminated or not. Sometimes, I pull out information from my clients that they might not think is relevant. In every case, facts are very important.

Wrongful termination cases are rarely proven through direct evidence, such as employers confessing that they have fired an employee because of race or religion. Instead, I will investigate your story to find out the underlying facts that show your employer’s motive.

I will present many facts that may seem indirect or circumstantial because when they are added together, they could point to something illegal. I am highly skilled at analyzing these facts and deciphering what they suggest about your employer’s reason for your termination.

If I uncover that your employer fired you because of your race, sex, disability, national origin or religion, I will pursue a discrimination claim for you. I have more than three decades of experience in dealing with discrimination and harassment.

Contact A California Wrongful Termination And Discrimination Lawyer

If you have been fired for a questionable reason or think you were fired because of your race, sex or religion, contact The Law Office of Frank S. Clowney III in San Diego. I can be reached at 619-618-2419.