Our Comprehensive Services To Help You Get Justice

There are many situations that could call for an attorney’s help. An employer may have violated your rights – or you are an employer facing an employment dispute. Or perhaps you are a maritime worker who suffered an injury on the job. Maybe you have suffered an accident through no fault of your own. No matter what your circumstances are, we can work toward a solution.

Law Office of Frank S. Clowney III represents people who have employment law, maritime law or personal injury concerns. I, Frank S. Clowney III, give personal attention and aggressive representation to all my clients. If I believe you may have a legal basis to move forward with a lawsuit, I will inform you immediately. I will vigorously, tenaciously and skillfully advocate for you in negotiations or trial.

Supporting Employees And Their Rights

As an employment law attorney, I have considerable experience resolving disputes over employee rights. My San Diego firm has represented clients who have faced discrimination based on their:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Disability
  • Pregnancy

I have also helped clients who have unpaid overtime and clients who face problems with their employer’s policies regarding meals and rest breaks. If you were wrongfully terminated, I can also help you bring a claim against your former employer.

Legal Representation For Employers

I also offer California employers advice on regulatory compliance and rules governing appropriate workplace behaviors and conditions. I regularly represent employers in employment law matters, including negotiating severance packages and disputing discrimination charges.

Counsel For Maritime Injuries

Under the Seamen’s Act and the Jones Act, workers who suffer an injury while on tankers, freighters, fishing boats and other commercial sea vessels have legal protections and options for legal remedies. You can seek compensation for injuries you suffer while on the job. Even if you work partially onshore or were not assigned to one specific vessel, you may qualify to receive compensation under the Jones Act.

Seeking Compensation In A Personal Injury Case

Insurance companies often seek to minimize responsibility and minimize payments for injuries. I have helped clients stand up to insurers to secure fair compensation after car accidents, boating accidents and accidents on cruise ships.

Discuss Your Case With Me Today

At a free and confidential first meeting, my goal is to hear the entirety of your story and assess your case from a legal perspective. Then, we can explore your options together.

I care about my clients and reaching the best results possible for them. Call 619-618-2419 to discuss your legal concern.