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February 2014 Archives

City of San Diego settles with sexual harassment victims

San Diegans will no doubt share a collective sense of relief when stories about the rampant indiscretions perpetrated by the city's former mayor Bob Filner finally cease. Since accusations of Filner's misconduct broke last year, a litany of reports recounting examples of inappropriate behavior and the resulting lawsuits have filtered through the media. Recently, cases of two women who accused Filner of sexual harassment were settled.

Ballplayers file wage-related suit in California court

To a Padres fan watching a game at San Diego's Petco Park, the life of a ballplayer can appear conjured from the imagination of a 13-year-old little leaguer. Playing a game they love in front of admiring spectators, major league baseball players often receive astounding financial compensation for their talents.

Proposed California bill looking to address caregiver rights

San Diego residents who provide care for family members can find themselves in conflict with employers who balk at giving employees needed time off. The Family Medical Leave Act is a federally enforced law protecting workers from discrimination based on their status as caregivers. Understanding workplace laws regarding the allowance of time off for care giving is essential for both employers and employees.

San Diego maintenance worker claims age discrimination in lawsuit

San Diego's most experienced workers should be among its most valued workers. Older workers often possess the ability to spot problems needing correction. Organizations should welcome the opinions offered by those demonstrating dedication and commitment to doing a job well. Unfortunately, sometimes constructive criticism is not well received by upper management. In fact, a worker who points out a problem may become the target of workplace discrimination.