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September 2014 Archives

Employees California county Over sexual harassment

Two San Joaquin County employees have filed a lawsuit against the county, claiming a colleague was allowed to repeatedly sexually harass them while supervisors did nothing. The suit also alleges the employees were retaliated against when they complained of the harassment.

Interns granted the same rights as employees in California

A bill to protect unpaid interns from sexual harassment was signed by Governor Jerry Brown on Sept. 9. The bill expands upon Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and makes California the third state in the nation to provide this type of protection. Inspiration for the bill came after a ruling by a New York court in 2013 which held that unpaid interns were not protected under Title VII because they are not employees.

Protected activities in the California workplace

Federal and state labor laws prohibit discrimination against persons of certain groups or conditions in all areas of employment. Applicants and employees are protected from unfair and unreasonable workplace treatment. Additionally, employees are also afforded protection from retaliation related to making a complaint about discrimination or participating in an employment discrimination lawsuit or inquiry.

California football team settles unfair wages lawsuit

Attorneys for the Oakland football team, the Raiders, and its cheerleading squad, the Raiderettes, announced a proposed settlement to a lawsuit accusing the team of paying less than minimum wage. The parties will seek the judge's preliminary approval on Sept. 26.

Federal Court finds in favor of FedEx drivers in lawsuit appeal

California employees may be interested in the latest legal success of thousands of drivers that could result in compensation for several employment violations. The court found that the drivers had been improperly classified as exempt from employment protections.