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May 2014 Archives

Company limits employee options for age discrimination claims

As Californians live through these unstable economic times, it is cold comfort to realize that most of us are sharing similar anxieties. Very few people are immune to the threat of sudden unemployment. But, perhaps the most vulnerable among us are those who have been part of the workforce the longest.

California labor commissioner raising awareness of wage theft

The office of the California Labor Commissioner recognizes that when employers fail to pay employees their due wages, a negative impact is made upon the employees and their families. Federal and state employment laws exist in part to help ensure workers receive payment for their labor. To that end, the commissioner's office wants to create more awareness of the issue of wage theft and to do so they are initiating a new campaign.

San Diego police detective alleges sexual harassment in lawsuit

Being a police officer in California is a challenging career under any set of circumstances. Police must depend on the support of their fellow officers in order to do their jobs safely and effectively. But should an officer be subjected to a hostile work environment, his or her life and career could become very painful to manage.

Noted California business fined for violating labor laws

When a California worker takes on a paying job, he or she is offering to put their time and abilities toward helping an employer accomplish their goals. In return, the employer offers payment for services rendered. Both the federal and California state governments have established minimum hourly pay rates as a means to ensure employees receive an acceptable amount of compensation for their efforts. Labor laws provide that all employees must receive wages at or above mandated minimums.