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April 2014 Archives

GINA protects your genetic data from discriminatory uses

Without question, California employers have the right and responsibility to perform background checks on potential employees. Employers can check a variety of sources for information, including readily accessible public records. However, employers should not use any resource in an attempt to breach a person's medical privacy in order to make hiring decisions.

Workplace discrimination bill stalls in congress

Members of California's LGBT community may have been following with interest the progress of a bill now in the hands of the U.S. Congress. This bill aims to address the fact that presently no federal law exists offering protections from workplace discrimination specifically for LGBT individuals.

Cheerleader seeks fair treatment in California court

For professional football fans in San Diego, the Chargers’ cheerleaders are a familiar sight on game days. Cheerleaders are among the most visible representatives of an incredibly successful entertainment enterprise, the National Football League. Yet recently, allegations have been made that one of the league’s franchises has violated wage and hour laws regarding payment and other practices involving the cheerleaders.

Could recent win for intern rights soon spread to California?

In California's competitive job market, starting a career in almost any field can be a challenge. In order to gain advantage in seeking a job after finishing school, many students take on unpaid internships as a means of acquiring valuable work experience.