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August 2014 Archives

Former San Diego mayor faces new sex harassment allegations

On Aug. 15, another woman filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner who resigned in August 2013 after several other women accused him of sexually harassing them. Following his resignation, the man pleaded guilty to one felony and two misdemeanor charges arising from the allegations and received a 90-day house arrest sentence. In February, the City of San Diego also settled a claim brought by a former communications director for $250,000.

Food Lion faces religious discrimination lawsuit

California shoppers who have heard of Food Lion might find it interesting that the supermarket chain faces a religious discrimination lawsuit in North Carolina, where the company was founded. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed the complaint on Aug. 20 after a Jehovah's Witness was allegedly fired for not being able to work on certain days.

New Executive Order seeks to ban contracts from violators

A new executive order signed by President Barack Obama may have a significant impact on federal contractors in California and other locations throughout the United States. The order will require contractors to disclose violations of labor laws when they submit bids for federal contracts.

LinkedIn pays $5.8 million in overtime back wages, damages

LinkedIn, a social network for professionals, has paid $5.8 million to former and current employees at its offices in California, New York, Illinois and Nebraska. The payment includes more than $2.5 million for damages and more than $3.3 million for overtime back wages for 359 people.

Target employee sues over alleged race, disability discrimination

California residents who shop at Target might be interested in a lawsuit recently filed that alleges discrimination against a disabled worker. A long-time employee is suing Target Corporation for workplace discrimination based on his race and disabilities. The man claims that he suffered harassment and lost his full-time employee status and his benefits, according to court documents filed on July 23.