Target employee sues over alleged race, disability discrimination

Frank S. Clowney III

California residents who shop at Target might be interested in a lawsuit recently filed that alleges discrimination against a disabled worker. A long-time employee is suing Target Corporation for workplace discrimination based on his race and disabilities. The man claims that he suffered harassment and lost his full-time employee status and his benefits, according to court documents filed on July 23.

The man was employed by Target since 1993 and had worked at three separate locations in varying capacities. The worker is dyslexic and autistic, and he has limited mobility due to two rods in his back. However, he was able to do everything that was necessary for his job, according to the lawsuit. The worker said that he experienced consistent harassment for being disabled as well as because of his race; he is Caucasian and has accused his African-American co-workers and supervisor of taunting him, making him perform menial tasks and adjusting his schedule to make his job difficult because of his physical limitations.

The harassment began in 2009, according to the plaintiff. When he reported the issues regarding his co-workers and his supervisor to Target’s human resources department, nothing was done to help him. In fact, the harassment got worse, according to the filing. The man reportedly complained again in 2011 and then had his hours cut from 35 to 40 per week to only five per week. This resulted in the loss of benefits.

California law prohibits harassing any employees based on race, gender, age, sexual orientation, a disability and several other variables. Employers must make reasonable accommodations for workers who are disabled as well as for religious reasons. Employees who think that they have experienced workplace discrimination could get assistance from an attorney in seeking to hold their employers accountable.

Source: Southeast Texas Record, “Target sued by employee who cites racial, disability discrimination in the workplace“, Matt Russell, July 29, 2014