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March 2014 Archives

McDonald's employees allege wage theft in San Diego protest

Working in the fast food industry can be very demanding. Fast food employees must perform their duties in a quick and friendly manner. They are hard workers just like any other workers in California. Most importantly from a legal perspective, fast food workers are employees.

Actions at diva's death scene lead to California retaliation case

Every profession requires adherence to established guidelines to ensure that a job is done properly. True professionals expect nothing less from themselves and those with whom they work. If an employee sees a co-worker grossly violate an established procedure, it's his or her duty to report the incident to a superior. All workers should feel confident that they will be supported if they have to report an in-house malfeasance.

California port driver's wage and hour case could be one of many

Drivers hauling containers back and forth from the port of San Diego might find a pair of recently filed class action lawsuits of great personal interest. A former port driver is suing two Southern California transport companies over an issue that is important to more truckers than just him.

Workplace discrimination suit halted in Petaluma

A judge in Sonoma County recently sustained challenges to a discrimination case filed against GC Micro, a company based in Petaluma. The suit filed by an ex-employee charged that the CEO of GC Micro engaged in discriminatory practices based on the employee’s sexual orientation. The challenges of filing suit for workplace discrimination were exemplified upon this employee’s dismissal, according to the suit.