California employee files wrongful termination lawsuit

Frank S. Clowney III

An employee in California has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against his employer, Oracle Corp, for violating federal and California labor laws. The lawsuit alleges that the employee was fired due to his national origin. It also alleges that the company retaliated against the employee for standing up for another employee’s rights.

The employee is from Ireland and was working for the company on an employer-sponsored visa. According to the lawsuit, the employee tried to have a worker from India transferred to California. He requested that the transferred employee receive the same pay that white employees in California were being paid, but the company told him to offer the employee less compensation than what he requested.

The employee said he was fired after complaining about the company’s orders to offer the employee from India less money. The lawsuit claims that the company discriminated against the man based on his national origin and also says the man was retaliated against and wrongfully terminated for complaining about the pay another employee was going to be offered.

This case is an example of the legal action employees can take against their employer for violating employee rights and employment laws. It is illegal for employees to be fired based on their national origin, race, religion and sexual orientation. It is also illegal for employees to be fired out of retaliation.

California has laws that protect employees from being discriminated against. Employees who believe they were fired based on their race, national origin, religion or sexual orientation can file a wrongful termination lawsuit against their employer for their illegal actions.

Source: Lawyers and Settlements, “Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Filed in California,” Heidi Turner, Jan. 13, 2014