California ranks highest in dog attacks against postal workers

Frank S. Clowney III

One can easily associate a dog with certain things, such as a bone or disliking cats. One association that has remained is that dogs chase the postman. While this might be humorous on the television, the reality is that many postal workers suffer injuries due to dog bites and attacks. It is important to understand the rate of these attacks and the injuries suffered by postal workers, as it is likely a dog owner will be held liable for the injuries and losses suffered by the dog attack.

Rate of dog bites against postal workers

Based on current statistics, California ranks the highest in the nation when it comes to dog attacks on mail carries for the U.S. Postal Service last year. In 2020, there were a recorded 782 dog attacks against postal workers, which is an increase from the previous year that experienced 777 attacks.

The report listed 47 cities in the U.S., and Los Angeles ranked third with 59 dog attacks. Houston and Chicago ranked first and second for cities while Texas and Ohio ranked second and third for states. From a national perspective, there were over 5,800 dog attacks against postal workers in 2020.

Dog owner responsibilities

Because dog bites against postal workers is evidently common, a national campaign alerts postal workers that they should always be aware of dogs, as any dog can bite. Furthermore, it raises the awareness that dog bites are preventable, reminding dog owners that they are responsible for controlling their dog and ensuring that they are secured when mail is delivered at their property.

When a postal worker suffers harm from a dog bite or attack, liability could be placed on the dog owner. The circumstances surrounding the incident could help establish whether it could have been prevented and whether the property acted negligently. In these cases, a dog owner could face a civil suit and could have their mail service interrupted until the matter is addressed.

A dog bite or attack can be a very traumatic experience. Not only does a victim suffer physical harm, but they could also suffer mental, emotional and financial damages. Thus, it is important to understand the totality of the losses suffered when moving forward with a personal injury action. While it cannot undue the harm suffered, it can reduce the damages it caused.