Common accidents that occur on ship decks

Frank S. Clowney III

There are many dangers that are present in different areas of San Diego’s shipping industry. The types of dangers depend on where people are working within the industry.

People working on the ship decks may experience different dangers than those performing maintenance on the ships. There are many different types of maritime accidents that occur on the ship decks and some of the accidents can leave the workers with serious injuries which require significant medical treatment.

Some of the more common types of accidents that occur on ship decks are:

  • Slips and falls: These can be caused by slippery decks, improper uses of catwalks, missing railings, lack of proper safety equipment, lack of warning signs and other reasons
  • Improper lifting techniques: There are many heavy objects on ships and people always need to use proper lifting techniques
  • Exposure to chemicals: There are different chemicals on ships and some can cause burns when they come in contact with the skin. Inhaling chemicals over time can also cause injuries.
  • Crane accidents: Many cargo containers need to be loaded on ships and cranes are used to do this job. When they malfunction serious injuries can occur
  • Deck tools and equipment: There are many different types of tools workers use and when they are used improperly or malfunction workers can be hurt.

Accidents can be very costly for injured workers, but they may be entitled to compensation for the damages they suffer. The damages can include payments for medical expenses and lost income. Experienced attorneys understand how devastating these injuries can be and may be a useful resource.