Do you need a personalized approach to your case?

Frank S. Clowney III

Employment decisions are made based on a lot of different factors. Your experience, education, training, and even your fit within the workplace culture can all be taken into consideration when hiring, promoting, assigning work, and even reducing hours or terminating employment. But if you’ve suffered from a negative employment action, you shouldn’t just take the employer’s at its word when it states why it acted the way it did. Instead, you need to think about putting in the legwork to determine if you’ve been illegally discriminated against.

You Need Someone Who Knows How to Prove Discrimination

Facing off against your employer in court, or even conducting more an investigation to determine if discrimination has occurred, can be intimidating. That’s why many wronged workers in the San Diego-area turn to experienced law firms like ours to help them build their cases. At our firm, we give every client the one-on-one attention that is necessary to build compelling cases. This means we truly listen and dig deep to uncover witnesses and documentation that supports your claim.

Lift the Burden Off of Your Shoulders

Time and again we see people who are downtrodden and burdened by their employment woes. That’s why we work hard with them, providing them with customized legal representation to fit their unique circumstances, to give help them find creative solutions to their problems. Oftentimes we see the burden lifted from our clients’ shoulders, freeing them to confidently move forward with the next chapter of their lives.

We’re Here for Wronged Workers

Those who have suffered workplace discrimination or harassment, as well as those face wage and hour law issues oftentimes need much more than legal guidance. They also need someone to listen to them and provide them with the support they need. We can and do provide that compassion and support for our clients, and we’re tremendously proud of our record of successfully advocating on their behalf.