How a vicarious liability claim can help you recover compensation

Frank S. Clowney III

The damages suffered in a truck accident can be devastating. They can not only ruin your financial stability, making it difficult to cover your daily living expenses, but they can also prevent you from obtaining the medical care you need and leave you struggling to cope with the emotional ramifications of such a wreck. Even your physical wellbeing can be affected for a long time to come, limiting what you can do. This can affect your enjoyment of life. It can be hard to live this way, but you should take comfort knowing that you have a chance to recover your damages and secure a brighter future.

Don’t overlook the importance of vicarious liability

If a negligent trucker caused your accident, then you can pursue a personal injury lawsuit against him or her, but that legal action on its own might not lead to a full recovery of the damages you’ve suffered. This is because most truckers simply don’t have the financial resources to cover the extent of your losses, which can be quite significant. This is why you can’t overlook the importance of a vicarious liability claim.

Vicarious liability allows you to hold a truck company accountable for the negligent actions of its employees, so long as you can prove certain legal elements. Amongst these elements are that the trucker was on the clock, performing job duties, and benefiting the employer at the time of the truck accident. That might sound easy enough, but truck companies are often aggressive in defending these claims by arguing that truckers were acting negligently outside the scope of their employment at the time of the wreck.

Fight for the compensation you need and deserve

A successful vicarious liability claim can be a huge win. It allows you to reach into a deeper pool of resources that are better suited to cover all of your losses. This means that you can maximize your chances of securing financial stability, needed medical treatment, and a brighter future. These cases aren’t as open and shut as they may seem, though, which is why you might be better off discussing your case with an experienced personal injury attorney.