Man files sexual harassment suit in California

Frank S. Clowney III

A man who worked for AutoZone in its Chula Vista store in 2010 is suing his former employer for sexual harassment. The man claims that his male supervisor slapped him on the buttocks and would not stop after he told the supervisor that the touching made him feel uncomfortable. The complaint says that he worked at the store for a few months and that the harassment started soon after he was hired.

According to the plaintiff, he was fired in July 2010 after he complained about the inappropriate touching. The man’s attorney says that the store did not try to get any video footage or take other steps to help him resolve the issue that he had with the supervisor. .However, a representative from AutoZone said that a thorough investigation was undertaken after being made aware of the situation.

In addition, the man’s attorney said that the district and regional managers involved in this case were also involved in a pregnancy discrimination case. The woman in that case was demoted before eventually losing her job after she told her bosses that she was pregnant. A jury would later award the woman $185 million. The plaintiff here is seeking unlimited damages in his lawsuit against AutoZone.

Employees who are subject to unwanted sexual advances may be entitled to win compensation after a trial. This could include benefits or wages lost due to a demotion or termination after making a sexual harassment allegation. Any legal action undertaken by an employee may be done with the help of an employment law attorney who may be able to settle the case out of court or represent the employee in litigating the claim.

Source: ABC10 News, Ex-employee sues AutoZone, claims sexual harassment”, Melissa Mecija, Jan. 15, 2015