New pool? The safety tips you might not know

Frank S. Clowney III

This summer has been a historic departure from the norm. With more families spending time at home, swimming pools are one of the most exciting options residents – particularly children – can enjoy.

Sadly, San Diego County reports a significant spike in near-drowning cases this summer. Half of these near-drowning cases involved children younger than 14 years old. With more residents purchasing pools for the first time and more children seeking activities, the danger for pool injuries has increased.

Fencing is a critical part of pool safety

Pools can be an irresistible temptation for young children. It is possible that a child may enter a pool without proper supervision or permission. Even if you did not give anyone else permission to use your pool, you may still be legally liable for injuries if your pool is accessible to neighborhood children.

Fencing also applies to community pools that are not open for public use. When community pools are closed and lifeguards are not on duty, fencing must follow local safety regulations.

An ignored or improperly treated pool may turn toxic

Residential swimming pools are likely more popular than ever this summer, but some pool owners may be occupied or uninterested in swimming. Over time, however, sitting water can develop harmful bacteria.

Furthermore, new pool owners may not be aware of the delicate balancing act between water, chlorine and other chemicals. Using the wrong amounts or types of chemicals could result in not only an unclean pool but also a dangerous chemical concoction.

Pool owners have a responsibility to ensure that the water quality is suitable for guests. Owners must also store cleaning chemicals in a secure place. San Diego County can provide guidelines for sanitation, water clarity and other issues. When a guest becomes ill or injured due to water quality problems, the pool owner may be liable for their medical treatment and other costs.

If you own a pool or live nearby neighbors who own a pool, paying attention to pool safety can save lives. With the right safety measures, you and your family can enjoy swimming without suffering preventable injuries.