What rights do employees have when pregnant?

Frank S. Clowney III

Many people in San Diego want to have children and start families. For many women that means that they will become pregnant. Being pregnant can be a very joyous time, but as the baby grows in the womb, life becomes much more uncomfortable for the mothers. There are also medical complications that can arise for the mothers. This can eventually make it difficult for women to perform their job duties.

Women who find themselves in this situation may be entitled to certain accommodations at work. They may be entitled to more frequent breaks, may be able to receive a chair or stool to sit in while they work or other reasonable accommodations.

Pregnant employees’ rights during and after pregnancy

In addition to the accommodations at work, they may also be entitled to time off if they are put on bed rest or for other reasons that they will be unable to work. If they have to take time off their employers are required to give them their jobs back once they are able to return to work. They are also allowed to take up for four months leave after the birth. Again they must receive their job when they return.

If pregnant women do not receive reasonable accommodations while they are pregnant, are demoted when they return to work or lose their jobs completely their employers may need to compensate them for the damages they suffer as a result. This can include back pay and other economic damages that occur.

Many working women in San Diego are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. While this can bring a lot of joy, it is also involves growing a baby inside them and that is not easy all of the time. Pregnant women may need accommodations and may need to take time off of work. They should not have to worry about losing their jobs because of it while they are trying to care for themselves and their babies. Experienced attorneys understand the rights of pregnant women and may be able to help protect those rights.