Sexual harassment allegations plague brewing industry

Frank S. Clowney III

Employees in San Diego and across the United States who have been impacted by employment violations are often fearful of speaking out for several reasons. They might be under the impression that it will not help them, they fear retaliation, concerns abound that they will not be believed and they think the benefits are not worth the risk. However, when others discuss what they have endured in the workplace in terms of sexual harassment, discrimination and other illegal behaviors, many victims are emboldened. Such is the case now with reports of widespread sexual harassment in the craft beer industry.

Brewing companies across the nation combat sexual harassment

Recent reports of ongoing sexual harassment at craft beer companies has sparked outrage and resignations. The president of a beer company in San Diego is stepping to the forefront in seeking reform for the industry to tamp down on this behavior. The CEO of another company chose to resign because of complaints about harassment while he was running his business. One person was dismissed and there will be a new harassment reporting outlet for employees. In his resignation, the CEO admitted to questionable behavior of his own with an employee over an intra-company messaging app.

Because San Diego is one of the most prominent locations in the nation for craft beer, its reaction to these reports is being watched throughout the industry. The flood of complaints and reports of misbehavior started after a post on Instagram went viral with people in the industry reporting what they have faced. Forty of them involved breweries in San Diego. The identities were anonymous on the thread, but that does not mean the people who were victimized do not have the right to come forward, report what happened to them and consider how they can respond through the legal system.

There are available options after being sexually harassed

People in the craft beer industry who might have been confronted with sexual harassment and were previously reluctant to come forward and speak out might feel a newfound freedom to report what they endured and assess their options. If the mistreatment cost them promotions, led to them feeling compelled to do things they otherwise would not have done, left the job, were dismissed or dealt with other negative results, it could be the basis for a legal complaint. The behaviors that violate employment law for employees include requesting sexual favors as part of the job, making unwanted advances, initiating unwelcome contact, making inappropriate comments and more. To understand what to do after being sexually harassed at any job, it can be helpful to have professional guidance. A consultation can yield information with what steps to take.